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At Oneness Journeys, we offer a range of services to support you on your spiritual path. We tailor our services to meet each individual's unique needs. Utilizing over tens years of hands on experience, Oneness Journeys is proud to offer the following services:

  • Shamanic healing
    • Divination
    • Journey work
    • Power animal retrieval
    • Soul retrieval
    • Clearing
    • Psychopomp
  • Ho'oponopono ceremony
    • releasing disorders
    • removal of blocks
    • support a dying loved one
    • accident
    • sudden death (murder, suicide, war)
    • disagreements
    • "curse" (negative intentions from another)
    • releasing loved ones who have died yet not passed on
    • misuse of nature
    • negative spirit possession
    • embarking on a new path
  • Huna
    • the three selves
    • Hawaiian spirituality
    • supportive breathing
    • energy testing
    • removal of blocks
    • manifestation
    • proper prayer
  • ARCH
    • physical, emotional, and spiritual healing
  • Personal healing trainings
    • Shamanism
    • Huna
    • ARCH

Please contact Mark for an appointment.

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