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My Journey back to Oneness
A book outlining the principles of Oneness and my spiritual path is now available!

"...upbeat, visionary approach to spirituality weaving together Aikido, shamanism, and Hawaiian mysticism."
Charlotte Berney, author of Fundamentals of Hawaiian Mysticism

My new book that outlines the concepts of Oneness and my spiritual path is now available! It can be purchased on Amazon (paperback / Kindle) or ordered through Trafford Publishing's web site.

Below, I've offered an excerpt.

Anyone who travels knows that there are numerous ways to get to a destination ... a multitude of pathways, a myriad of methods...

The paths and methods chosen vary by person and circumstance...and are always subject to change at a moment's notice.

When I started down this book-writing path, I was headed in one direction, soon swept in another...influenced by my own experiences and the wisdom of others.

All the while, I was learning, growing and still moving towards the destination: Oneness!

At times, this trip has been exhilarating yet infuriating; pure joy and sheer agony; crystal clear and completely muddled - mostly because my analytical mind was trying to grasp Oneness concepts and methods and bridge between that realm and the one in which my physical body lives.

So, what you are about to read is a collection of my questions, analysis, insights and, at times, ramblings related to my personal journey back to Oneness...and the evidence that satisfied and completed my "logic circuit."

Many of the ideas that I've presented here are not new. Teachers and visionaries throughout time have offered these thoughts. What I have attempted to do is document the connections that I was able to make between ideas offered by different people that have helped me in my journey.

I have found that it is difficult for some people to find and stay on their true path because they attempt to take one teacher's ideas and use them as the only map or directions to keep them on the path. I, too, have been guilty of this type of focused approach. Through this book, I hope to show the reader the maps and directions of many teachers merged with my perceptions and analysis to provide a more detailed map to aid your journey back to Oneness.

Look for my notes at the beginning of each chapter (in "boxed" text) that provide insight into how that topic fit into my journey thus far.

My hope is that after reading this, you will be encouraged to get out and "travel"...onward with the journey!


- Mark
Boulder, CO - January 2004

Copyright 2004 by Mark Perkins. 
This publication may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form, neither for excerpt purposes nor for review, without written permission from the author. All rights reserved.

A Hawaiian Healing Ceremony
For The First Time a Huna Practitioner Certification Training is offered by Huna Research Inc. The training was conducted by Rev James Vinson Wingo DD, Dr Yates J Canipe, Sarah Wingo, Dr Otha Wingo and Mark Perkins.  Over 25 Hours of excitement. 

During the training, I guide the group through the Ho'oponopono process including conducting the ceremony for a participant in the training.

The DVD set can be ordered by following this link and clicking on the Huna Practitioner Training link.

Here are a couple of excerpts from the DVD set...

A Hawaiian Healing Ceremony
An article published in The Journal of Shamanic Practice Volume 3, Issue 1, Spring 2010 published by the Society for Shamanic Practitioners

Below is an excerpt from the article. To receive a copy of the journal, please click on Guestbook above.

As a ceremonial method of creating order and balance this ceremony centers around the concept of oneness with everyone and everything. This Oneness is represented by a physical-spiritual connection called aka, that connects things when they come into physical, mental, or spiritual contact. Many of us have been taught cord-cutting as a way of releasing unwanted connections and facilitating healing. It involves releasing the connections between oneself and persons, places, or things. In many cases, however, people find that the cord is cut only temporarily since cords are like telephone lines, with one wire for transmitting your voice, and another wire for receiving another person’s voice.

Hawaiian shamanic healing begins when you recognize that the connections that you have established are not always supporting your highest good. They may deplete your energy and block your path. Hawaiians consider a blockage as “a piece of baggage” or “a stone” that keeps you from fully healing. Hank Wesselman in his book Vision Seeker: Shared Wisdom from the Place of Refuge (2001), and Koko Willis and Pali Jae Lee in their book Tales from the Night Rainbow (2001), mention the Hawaiian tradition of accumulating stones in a wooden bowl that holds your mana, or life-force energy. The stones represent situations in which you were jealous, judgmental, uncaring, and even cruel. The more stones you have, the less room there is for life force, energy, or light. You can remove these stones by turning the bowl over and pouring them out; symbolically dumping your old ways of thinking and behaving.
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