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There is a new web site where you can find all your Huna resources: www.hunaohanastore.com. There you will find information on Max Freedom Long, Huna, Ho'oponopono, The Telepathic Mutual Healing Group, books, DVDs and CDs to assist you in your Huna studies. You can also go directly to the store front by clicking here.

I have worn many hats in my life and traveled many places, with all those experiences playing significant roles in my current spirituality and healing work. I approached these experiences with a logic mind, a scientific eye and a wide-open heart.  My goal is to encourage others to embark on spiritual journeys, so that they may "do the work" and rejoin themselves with the Divine Source Energy...a philosophy that I even integrate into the "corporate world" whenever possible.

As a Certified Huna Practitioner, I have been gifted maps to help you on the path for your journey. I would now like to bring these Hawaiian healing techniques to you so that you may experience the life-changing effectiveness of these potent healing methods.

Huna is not an "occult" system-- that is, hidden from all but a few "favored" adherents or "initiates."

It is based on knowledge of human psychology and of how the various parts of the human personality function.

When you learn how the psyche works, you will be able to see how it functions properly and with the greatest effectiveness. Huna emphasizes normal living in every way and makes everyday life more livable. In times of stress, Huna offers effective relief in any situation. As Max Freedom Long put it, "If you are not using Huna, you are working too hard!"

Please contact Mark for an appointment.

You can get more information at the Huna Ohana.

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