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My path has been and continues to be an adventure. It includes the U.S. Marine Corps where I learned both sides of life, taking and preserving. We were trained dutifully in killing the enemy before he could kill us. I was then taught to gather information that could be used to save lives. I continued with this services-based view in the U.S. Government. I was trying to work within the system to try to make it less of a war machine and more of a benefit to all humanity.

During this time and as a logical continuation of my path, I began to study Aikido. The study of Aikido has been integral in my understanding of my "dark side." This is part of an entity that is the ego-driven reaction to situations. It is the part that pushes back when pushed. It is the part that sees things as separate, dark and light, good and bad. Aikido has shown and is showing me that I need to understand both sides of the situation while providing a safe environment for all concerned.

In an effort to provide a safer environment to raise our children, my wife and I moved West with our toddler son. We found ourselves in an environment where alternative methods of doing things were accepted and encouraged. It was in this environment where I met my teacher Laurie Keako'a' Grant. She was teaching a Reiki class that I had decided to take. Earlier, my wife had had a Reiki session and was very impressed with how it made her feel. My thought was that I could learn Reiki and help her to have those feelings on a regular basis. When Laurie moved on to re-discover Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing, I continued to study with her.

During those years, the old "intelligence analyst" in me (the one who spent 15-years analyzing information and studying language / cultures for the Department of Defense) was very curious about the origns of Hawaiian healing and Spiritual practices. Therefore, I did what I know how to do best: research. That is when I found Shamanism.

During my research, I found the teachings of many experts in this field. I have had the pleasure to study under Dr. Hank Wesselman, Sandra Ingerman, Gregg Braden, Barbara Marx Hubbard and Dan Millman, in addition to Laurie Grant. This book documents a collection of my questions, analysis, insights and, at times, ramblings related to my personal journey back to Oneness...and the evidence that satisfied and completed my "logic circuit."

I continue to study shamanic teachings and employing the Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing energies through private healing sessions and through Oneness seminars.
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