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What is ARCH?

Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing (ARCH) is an amazing vibrational healing modality that has the capacity to heal instantaneously! Through hands-on or distance healing ARCH sends all of the frequencies of life force energy (chi, ki, prana...it is known by many names) into oneself or someone else. Because ARCH contains all frequencies it can work on any "dis-ease."

ARCH History

ARCH was re-discovered by Laurie Keako'a' Grant in 2000 when she received an amazing healing while in Hawaii. According to the information Laurie has assembled, "When early beings inhabited this planet they knew that they were not separate from the Divine Source...These ancient ones ran all the frequencies of divine life force energy and appeared to have rainbow bodies. All of their chakra centers were wide open. They had pure connection with the Divine Source, communicated telepathically, clearly expressed their truth, they came from the heart, manifested on the physical plane with ease, and lived in ultimate bliss and joy. Because of their lack of separation from the Source, they were limitless." Laurie has taken up the call to pass this wonderful healing modality to the world.

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